SCLs Present Vincentian Charism Award

We are pleased to announce that Eric Basye, Billings, Montana, is the 2022 recipient of the Vincentian Charism Award. Sisters Katherine Franchett and Bernadette Helfert nominated him for this recognition and describe Eric as “constantly stretching himself to be available to God’s calling in his life and that of his family.”

For the past 11 years, Eric has been the Executive Director of Community Leadership and Development, Inc. (CLDI), an organization serving Billings’ South Side neighborhood. CLDI takes a Gospel-centered, holistic approach to helping transform and empower this struggling, low-income community. Under Eric’s leadership, CLDI established the Hannah House, a faith-based recovery home for women with addictions and their children; opened a coffee shop in a rehabbed gas station to provide job and leadership training for at-risk youth; and by 2023 will own and operate 100 rental units of affordable housing.

The spirit with which Eric lives and serves gives testimony to his deep faith and is what led Sisters Katherine and Bernadette to nominate him for the award. Like Vincent, Eric puts his faith into action and words. He, his wife, and four children chose to live in the South Side community. Eric believes that proximity and relationships matter. His passion is to embolden others for the Gospel. He envisions raising the next generation of spiritual leaders by building deeper connections, developing stronger leaders, and creating partnerships.

As a freshman in college, Eric experienced God’s call to attend seminary. Resistant for awhile, he eventually followed a path that he says changed his life. At seminary, he earned a master’s in youth and family ministry. Currently, he’s working on a doctor of leadership in global perspectives. Among his many gifts, he has started faith communities built around home churches. In Memphis, where he served previously, and in Billings, he spearheaded a program that gives young adults the opportunity to live out their faith by working with persons experiencing poverty.

We congratulate Eric as a very worthy recipient of the Vincentian Charism Award. We thank Sisters Katherine and Bernadette for nominating him. We look forward to an upcoming presentation in Billings to give Eric due recognition. Watch for more information about Eric and the award presentation in future communications.

Download the press release here.