On June 12, 2023, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carried the Spei Satelles to space to share the uplifting words of Pope Francis. Originating from California’s Vanderberg base, this satellite carries the messages of hope delivered by the Pope in St. Peter’s Square during the height of the global pandemic in 2020. (A Space X representative talks about the kind of satellites carried on the mission here).


A Celestial Transmission

Once reaching its designated orbit, the satellite will be released into a sun-synchronous trajectory. This orbital path ensures that the satellite consistently passes over any point on Earth’s surface at the same local solar time. This allows listeners to hear the Pope’s message during daylight hours. By tuning any radio to the frequency of 437.5 MHz, listeners can capture the celestial transmission as the satellite rises.


Uniting Hearts Worldwide

In addition, an opportunity was provided for individuals to have their names included on an additional memory chip carried within the satellite. Many SCLS and SCLAS registered on the official website of Spei Satelles to be a part of this initiative. By committing to acts of mercy and compassion, participants contribute to the pursuit of peace and hope. Latecomers can still sign up; their names will be remotely written on the memory chip from the ground control station.


Embracing Our Role as People of Hope

The satellite’s mission to spread Pope Francis’ words of hope is a creative and meaningful way to raise awareness of the Gospel’s call to be compassionate neighbors to one another. It reminds us of our duty to care for others and underscores the human connection that crosses geographical boundaries to transcend our individual perspectives and embrace a broader outlook on the world.


Watch the launch below.