Sister Vickie Perkins received the Mayor’s Award for Community Service during the Feb. 25 meeting of the Leavenworth City Commission. Sister Vickie is pictured with Mayor Myron Griswold, who presented the award. The City of Leavenworth initiated this award in 2019 to recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond to serve the community. The award recognized Sister Vickie’s contributions in education and in diverse leadership roles. She is currently executive director of the Leavenworth Interfaith Community Hope and developed a collaborative network of churches to support this needed resource that serves persons who are homeless and in need of assistance. Click here for a brief video of the presentation.

The inscription on the plaque presented to Sister Vickie reads as follows: “Inspirational contributions to the city of Leavenworth through her service and dedication to those in need. Along with her exceptional service as an advocate for the less fortunate, Sister Vickie has devoted her life to education and empowering youth. Sister Vickie served as a math teacher, principal and superintendent in the diocesan school system, as well as other assignments that required her fast experience, intelligence and guidance. Sister Vickie has created a legacy in the community built around partnership and achievement that will be difficult to match.”