By Linda McCray

About the artwork:
With the onset of the pandemic, I lost my grounding and felt totally uprooted. My world was tossed about in the rough seas of uncertainty. Splashing through confusing chaos, I have found peace in knowing the Light of Christ is always with me. As I journey through this turmoil and transformation, I’m seeing a simplified and clearer vision of what is truly vital—faith, hope and love.

I translate universal spiritual truths into abstract paintings that speak to others, regardless of their traditions. To form visible signs of invisible grace, I use abstraction which—so powerfully through light, color, and texture—speaks directly to the heart. I layer my paintings with symbolism. To create symbolism, I use abstract elements, certain materials, and selected painting methods. For example, the abstract element and universal symbol of light underlie all of my paintings. I image my Creator as Light. To capture feelings of the warmth and peace of the Divine Presence, I use a number of techniques including the old masters’ use of glazes to capture luminosity. I integrate found objects that abound with symbolism, such as sand from the River Jordan, ashes and palms. The torn-like edges symbolize that we are a part of something much greater—our collective Creator. I create with acrylic paint on wood panel.