Laura Alexander, John Alexander and Sherry Wickenhauser made their commitments as SCL Associates on Sunday, Nov. 24 in Ross Chapel at the Mother House of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth. The three just completed their Come & See Year with their sponsors, Sisters Mary Rachel Flynn, Judith Jackson, Vickie Perkins and Kathleen Wood. (Above, left to right, John, Laura and Sherry.)

In their commitment statement, the three new Associates read, “I wish to cooperate with the Sisters in promoting the mission of the Church and our mutual enrichment. … To the extent possible, I will share in the prayer, ministry and community life of the Sisters and other Associates as we strive together to live a gospel centered life in a world which often exhibits other values.”

Following the commitment ceremony, friends and family gathered for a reception in Ross Family Room. Linda Martin, Laura’s mother and an SCL Associate, presented the three new Associates with t-shirts reading: WWTSD? (What would the Sisters do?)

Earlier this month, Linda Winter made her commitment as an SCL Associate during a ceremony at the home of Sandra Van Hoose, her sponsor along with Sister Vickie Perkins. Jane Ellen Liebert became an Associate in October, making her commitment during a ceremony at the University of Saint Mary. Sister Susan Rieke is her sponsor.

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