Hope and joy were in abundance as unstoppable charity permeated the presentations, discussion and interaction at the first-ever Charity Federation Assembly of the Whole in Chicago, June 13-16. Over 550 participants — including 70 SCLs and Associates — participated. 

Sister Sharon Smith says, “I found the grassroots gathering to be inspirational and invigorating! It was a blessing to renew old friendships and to meet new members of the Federation! I have high hopes for the future of charity!”

Adding her perspectives to this, SCL Associate Tish Starbuck observes, “I was so impressed with the organization, energy and thoughtfulness that was evident in the whole assembly. I feel like we are on the edge of a new beginning, and I keep asking where will I be called. Like St. Vincent stated, we will continue to be inventive to infinity.”

Sister Maureen Hall writes, “The gathering was indeed a homecoming for me. I delighted in seeing and visiting with so many people who have indeed been woven into my life. My hopes, dreams and yearnings for us together are deepened, because we came together to affirm that ‘Love is the Answer.'”

From the opening ritual to the closing Mass, the sense of unity and commitment pervaded the gathering. More information can be found at the Charity Federation website on the Assembly of the Whole page. Photos on this page primarily highlight SCL and SCL Associate involvement at the assembly. 

Pictured at top of page Sister Eileen Haynes (left) with Sister Peggy O’Neill, SC, keynote speaker.