A Sojourn Toward Truth: Workshops and supporting materials 

These workshops were developed with each other in mind, but also stand alone as individual experiences. Our hope and prayer was that people, wherever they were along their journey, could begin with the workshop that spoke to them the most or engaged their congregation or groups area of interest. 

These workshops were also designed keeping in mind that some people may not have much exposure to the historical legacy of racism at all. To contact someone about presenting or facilitating one of the workshops described below, or for more information, please e-mail jpic@scls.org


Prayers and Supporting Documents

These documents are useful for anyone wanting to present any of the following presentations, including an accompanying prayer guide, contemplative dialogue handout, and some useful expectations for participants.


History of Racism in the United States

This two-part series focuses on the historical development of the United States politically and legally in relation to slavery and racism. The series covers pre-colonial America up to the Civil Rights era. It invites the participants to reflect and understand what racism looks like from an institutional standpoint.


History of Racism in the Catholic Church

This two-part series includes important highlights of relevant history and the Church’s official response. It also invites people of faith to notice how racism has affected the Church and how they might begin to guide their faith leaders and community to reconciliation.


Guided Journey through the film “13th”

This three-part series uses the film 13th to raise awareness of Racism. Video and questions are given for discussion. The film is broken up into three sections on the power point. The entire film is also available on Netflix and YouTube.