Leading up to and during this week of Thanksgiving, we have asked Sisters and Associates to share their reasons for being thankful this season. Here are some of their thoughts (more to be posted as we receive them): 

“I am most thankful that I am able to be thankful … alive, able to move, and serve in ministry (wherever I am and whatever the need). I thank God for my deep faith, my loving family, my faithful friends, my caring SCL/SCLA Community, my unstoppable spirit of hope, joy and sense of humor. I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds us, the music that moves us, and the many opportunities for discovery in each encounter, in learning, solitude, silence and prayer. I thank God that each day is another beautiful day full of promise and possibility.”
–Sister Mary Pat Lenahan

“I am most grateful this year for God’s grace in the midst of change. That I am able to keep my balance in uncertainty.”
–Megan Blalock, SCLA

“I am thankful that for all but two of my 66 years, I have been in the same house as Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and that I have been able to go to daily Mass most of the days. These two things are the essence of religious life.”
–Sister Katherine Mary Westhues

“I am so grateful for all who helped to make me the person I am today … for my parents, family; the SCL Community who taught me, formed me and continue to nurture me; for friends, coworkers and others along my journey of life. I am also grateful for my gift of faith which gives me purpose and meaning every day!”
–Sister Eileen Hurley

“I am thankful for all of our employees who take such good care of us at the Mother House and Ross Hall.”
–Sister Donna Jean Henson

“I am grateful that I live with such a loving and joy-filled group of Sisters, that I am blessed with a caring and supportive family, and that I have a rewarding job that I share with such creative and fun-loving colleagues.”
–Sister Kathy Atkins

“I am most thankful for my family.”
–Bob Schimoler, SCLA

“I am thankful for my faith, family, Community and friends; for all the experiences through which God has led me to wonderful people who have helped form me, deepen my faith and stretch my skills; and for my spiritual directors and friends who have challenged me to see the world and people in a new light and given me a glimpse of our loving God.”
–Sister Jean Anne Panisko

“Each morning I thank God for life, the day and all it holds, and my health.”
–Sister Katherine Franchett

“I am thankful for the good care at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center, and the rehab and home health we have in Grand Junction. Thank God for the friends and relatives who were and still are helpful during my stay at St. Mary’s and in rehab.”
–Sister Marjorie Feuerborn

“Before you asked, I was just thinking how thankful I am for family and friends. But now that you are making me go deeper, I’ll add all creation, grace, Pope Francis, SCLs and all people who help other people.”
–Anne Osdieck, SCLA

“I am grateful for the gift of life. Within this gift are individually wrapped packages of the SCL charism, family, friends, joy, God’s creation and warm chocolate chip cookies with a mug of hot chocolate.”
–Sister Eileen Haynes

“This year keeping a daily gratitude journal kept me keenly aware of God working in and through me. I am grateful for these graces.”
–Sister Mary Clare Gappa