This year’s “Ignite the green & white event” hosted by Leavenworth Catholic Schools will recognize the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth;  Carol Schmidt, SCL Associate; and Sherri Schwinn for their contributions to Catholic education in Leavenworth. The event is set for Saturday, March 9, at J.W. Crancer’s event space, 530 Delaware. Proceeds will fund scholarships for students to attend Xavier Catholic School. Among other activities during the evening, Sister Diane Steele will give a tribute to Catholic education.

The event will pay tribute to the SCL Community’s long association with local Catholic education dating to shortly after the first Sisters arrived in Leavenworth in 1858. Carol (above) is being honored for her dedication to Xavier Catholic School that began with her first teaching job there in 1979. Today, she volunteers her talents for the school’s music program. Sherri (at left) is being honored for her outstanding volunteer service to Xavier Catholic School. She has contributed her time as a room parent, to the PTO, to the IMAC booster club, and with various fundraisers throughout the years. Sherri also contributes her talents by photographing Xavier students and events. 

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