Kaitlin Findeisen, wellness/activity director for the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth (SCLs), recently received the EnerG® Director of the Year Award during a national meeting in Dallas. EnerG® is a division of Aegis Therapies that contracts with the SCL Community for physical therapy, occupational therapy, wellness and activities for the Mother House and Ross Hall skilled nursing facility.

Kaitlin is the first person to receive this recognition in her division. Brian Boekhout, vice president of wellness services, presented the inaugural award to her during a national leadership meeting last week. He described Kaitlin as self-aware, intrinsically motivated, reliable, honest, positive, customer service focused, a good communicator and detail-oriented.

Brian said that Kaitlin consistently exceeds customer expectations operationally. She has increased participation by over 30 percent each year in a three-year period with innovative programming for the Sisters. He noted that Kaitlin has exceeded expectations in involving Sisters in activities. He also called the wellness/activity director “an ultimate team player.” He added that she leads a “think tank” group in the Kansas City area that convenes local EnerG® team members quarterly to learn and share best practices.

Kaitlin has worked for EnerG® and with the SCLs for three years. Prior to her current position, she was involved with corporate wellness, including a stint with CNN in Atlanta. She has her bachelor’s in health promotion and wellness from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

Unaware that she would be receiving the recognition, Kaitlin said. “I feel very honored with this award. It’s definitely been a team effort.”