Vincentian Spirituality

“Charity is the robe in which you are clothed with its three parts.
Love of God.
Love among yourselves.
Love of the poor.”

  --Vincent de Paul.

2017 marks the 400th anniversary of the Vincentian charism.

Prayer for the
400th Anniversary Year
Vincentian Charism

Lord, Merciful Father
that instilled in Saint Vincent de Paul
a great concern
for the evangelization of the poor,
infuse your Spirit
in the hearts of His followers.
That as we hear the cry
of your abandoned children,
we may run to their assistance,
“like someone who runs to put out a fire.”
Revive within us the flame of the Charism,
That flame which has animated
our missionary life for 40o hundred years.
We ask this in the name of your Son,
Jesus Christ, our Lord,
“the Evangelizer of the Poor.”

Vincentian spirituality
From 17th century France, the call of St. Vincent de Paul has resounded around the world and resulted in works of charity, religious congregations and a characteristic spirituality. 

This spirituality is reflected by the following traits:

•Being a person of prayer.
•Living for Christ.
•Being zealous for God and for persons who are poor.
•Being given to God.
•Expressing love of God through action.
•Serving the whole person.
•Demonstrating virtues of simplicity, humility, gentleness, zeal, charity, joy, cordiality and justice.(Excerpted from Like a Great Fire, Vincent de Paul, Editions du Signe, 1995)

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