Ongoing Formation

Through ongoing formation, we provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and development, and for the renewal of energies of our Sisters. As a Community, we are committed to provide the climate for positive growth and balanced freedom which allows the Sisters to ever more fully embrace their commitment to live Gospel-centered lives.

Recognizing that each Sister is unique, we encourage her to assess and respond to her specific needs and to assume responsibility for her growth, development and ongoing formation. Ongoing formation resources are available for Sisters as posted in their section of the website.


Resources recommended by the On-going Formation Committee:

September Reflection: Reflective Process

Transformation news from Lansing and Leavenworth

The Time is Now - Prayer Service

Article written by Heidi Gainan, SCLA

Corporal works of mercy in action
by Mary Lane, SCLA

Click here to view the March 2014 article written by S. Mary Agnes Hogan; "Relationships with God and One Another"

Click here to read the December 2013 reflection, written by S. Margaret Hogan

The article about Pope Francis' first apostolic exhortation is published in the recent copy of NPR. The bullet points that John Allen (NPS) listed are very exciting. Click HERE to view the article.

Click here to read the "Not Less Than Everything" book review.

Click here to view all available cd/dvd resources

Click here to view an article written by S. Mary Jo Quinn

 NO ORDINARY TIME: The Rise of Spiritual Intelligence and Evolutionary Creativity:  A Book of Hours For a Prophetic Age   by Jan Phillips  ~ copyright 2011
In the words of those we know:  “An inspiring resource for our time.”  - Diarmuid O’Murchu
 “No Ordinary Time is no ordinary book – prayer, profundity, tradition, and future all come together here in this excellent book - and well written besides!” - Richard Rohr, O.F.M.         

Click here to view "The Spirituality of Vatican II"


Members of the Ongoing Formation Committee

Sister Mary Cecile Breen SCL
Sister Carol Depner SCL
Heidi Gainan SCLA
Sister Mary Agnes Hogan SCL
Sister Eileen Hurley SCL – Council Liaison
Mary S. Lane SCLA
Sister MarĂ­a de los M. Orozco Olaya SCL
Sister Lin Marie Sayatovic SCL
Sister Phyllis Stowell SCL - Chairperson
Sister Noreen Walter SCL
Sister Kathleen Wood SCL


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