Gospel-centered Women

When people describe the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, or our Sisters reflect on why they joined the Community, they identify an abundance of gifts and blessings.   

People say we:        

Are willing to take risks living the Gospel.
Are happy and joy-filled.
Are dedicated to serving persons who are poor. 
Are committed to working for justice. 
Value community life.
Are grounded in prayer and deep spirituality. 
Are faithful to the Catholic Church.
Model humility, simplicity and charity.
Are down-to-earth and genuine.
Are real.    

Maureen Kennedy at a crafts day at Xavier House, pictured with Sister Therese Steiner and Sister Vicki Lichtenauer (standing).                                       

Our Mission Statement

Impelled by the love of Christ, 
we, the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, 
offer every loving service in our power,
to meet the critical needs 
of God’s people.  

SCL Vision Statement

As Sisters of Charity we commit ourselves here and now to embrace anew the charism given us by Vincent, Louise, Mother Xavier:
• to love the poor,
• to love one another,
• to live simply,
• and to unite the whole of our lives in the poor and loving Christ.

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