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Mission Statement of the SCL Social Justice Committee
Called, as Sisters and Associates of the religious community
of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
“to bear this divine fire everywhere,”*
the Social Justice Committee resolves to work
for peace by promoting a culture of nonviolence
and building a sustainable global community founded
on interdependence and the principles of human rights.
We recommend these efforts
in concert with our neighbors, our universe
our global community:
Walk gently with yourself, all people, all creation and God.

*St. Vincent de Paul

SCL Social Justice Committee
Our Social Justice Committee, made up of Sisters and Associates, works to give leadership to education and advocacy based on our Chapter actions. Our current committee members are:
Sister Michael Dolores Allegri
Sister Therese Bangert, Social Justice Coordinator
Kitty and Len Bronec, SCLAs
Sister Marie de Paul Combo
Sister Rejane Cytacki
Dawn Grabs, SCLA
Sister Eileen Haynes, SCL Council Liaison
Sister Rose Dolores Hoffelmeyer
Sister Victoria Ann Lichtenauer
Sister Marie Michael Mollis
Sister Ruth Reichman
Sister Frances Russell
Ed Simons, SCLA

To learn more about our committee or any of our social justice acts, contact Sister Therese Bangert, Social Justice Coordinator:  913-321-9400 or treetop20@juno.com.


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