The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and the Social Justice Executive Committee are currently focusing on the following issues. To gain some perspective on the focus areas, please use these resources for more information and education. 


Prayer service/reflection on human trafficking

Stop Trafficking is an anti-trafficking newsletter focused on awareness, advocacy and action. The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth are one of the sponsors of the website and the newsletter. Click here to view archived newsletters. Click on date below to see the most recent edition:

August 2018

Since 2000, the Sisters of Charity have been collaborating with the nonprofit organization, Veronica's Voice, located in Kansas City, Kansas. The mission of Veronica's Voice is to end commercial sexual exploitation in the United States.  The latest effort along with emergency intervention includes starting a home for women in recovery, who are attempting to escape this oppressive lifestyle. 
Magdalene KC is the latest project undertaken by Veronica's Voice.  This includes the purchase of a home that is being renovated to accommodate 5 women for up to 2 years. 
Program considerations and planning include new job skill training, counseling, GED or vocational training, addiction counseling and courage-building experiences to help re-entry into society that is successful, healthy and whole.  Please consider joining us in these efforts. To learn more, visit Veronica's Voice website.


In May 2011, after study and discussion, the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth took a community stance in support of comprehensive immigration reform. Read the SCL Immigration Stance.

You can join us in advocating for immigration reform. You can take action and learn more on these websites:

Justice for Immigrants, website of the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops), has up-to-date info and opportunities for advocacy with members of Congress.
CLINIC --  Catholic Legal Immigration Network  
NETWORK -- Catholic Social Justice Lobby


The SCL (Safe, Clean, Life-giving) Water Filter Project started in 2012 to provide Sawyer water filter kits for Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Sisters doing mission work in Peru and  South Sudan. Initially the Sisters in the mission fields used a limited number of filter kits. As they saw their effectiveness in providing clean water, a fund-raising campaign took place from November 2012 to January 2013.  The SCL Community, individual Sisters, SCL Associates and friends responded generously.  A grant was also received to provide additional funds for water filters for Peru.

From 2012 through 2016, the SCL Water Filter Project has distributed a total of 511 water filter kits. Of that total, 255 have been distributed by SCL Sisters working in Peru, and 204 were distributed by an Sister working in South Sudan. The SCL Water Filter Project has also distributed filter kits in places where Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and their Associates have an active role in Montana, Haiti, Cuba and Kenya.

The water filter kits we use are made by Sawyer, Inc. in Florida.  The company's website provides a detailed list of their water filtration purifying products as well as excellent videos showing how the water filter kits work. Our project has used three different water filter kits.  The All-in-One Filter Kit includes the hardware to attach the water filter to a bucket and is the most popular.  A second kit used is the Home Treatment Faucet Kit which is simpler and attaches the water filter to a faucet where there is running water which needs to be cleaned.  The Two (2) Liter Water Filtration System, the third type of filtration kit, worked well in South Sudan.

The need for clean water, especially in the mission fields, is critical for improving the health of individuals especially children.  The SCL Water Filter Project will continue to look for ways to distribute Sawyer water filter kits in various locations where Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth work or have a special relationship with a specific mission.


One of our SCL Chapter Actions focuses on care of the earth. It reads:

We will educate ourselves and others in the theology and sacredness of creation.
We will make ecological concerns a key factor in decisions as individuals and local houses.

A Care of Creation Committee, composed of SCLs and Associates, advocates for related issues.

Address delivered to the UN Climate Change Summit in New York
by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin
Sept. 23,2014


We strive to advocate and educate for nuclear disarmament in the United States and the world. Learn more about peace efforts we support at
National Catholic Peace Movement (Pax Christi)  and the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops).


In 1989 the SCL Community took an official stance against capital punishment. It says:

We, Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, as a community, oppose the use of capital punishment and pledge ourselves to support efforts to abolish the death penalty.”

Today we are still working to stop the death penalty in states where Sisters and Associates reside including Kansas, Montana and Colorado.

To learn more visit these advocacy sites:
Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty
Montana Abolition Coalition    
Coloradans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
Catholic Mobilizing Network
USCCB: comprehensive compilation of Catholic teaching, news releases and links to action
Death Penalty Information Center: The Death Penalty Information Center is a non-profit organization serving the public and the media with analysis and information on issues concerning capital punishment.
Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation: Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation (MVFR) is a national organization of family members of victims of both homicide and executions who oppose the death penalty in all cases. 

Have you heard of the 15th Century Papal Bulls or the Doctrine of Discovery?

Thirteen religious groups, including the SCL Council, sent a letter to Pope Francis in the fall of 2013 asking him to rescind the Papal Bulls of the 15th Century. These Bulls were known as the Doctrine of Discovery. This doctrine justified violence against the indigenous people of North America by allowing Spain and Portugal to take unclaimed lands and capture and enslave non-Christians. Title to newly discovered lands lay with the monarchs whose subjects discovered the new territory.

More information can be found at and  (put Papal Bulls in the site’s search box)





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