Helpful Prayer Resources

2013 Lent and Easter Prayer Resources

Let us continue to be united in prayer with each other, with all of our brothers and sisters with whom we share this planet, and with all of creation.

As we continue to be nourished by the daily Scripture readings, we suggest using one of the following online resources.  Several include daily reflections from well-known authors.

Sunday Mass preparation
For weekly preparation for each Sunday’s Mass, you are invited by Anne Osdieck, SCLA, to visit the website for the Center for Liturgy, Saint Louis University.  Anne volunteers at the Center. 

Creighton University Online Ministries   

Daily Meditations by Heidi Gainan, SCLA  
Heidi Gainan, SCLA, of the Idaho Falls Catholic Community, writes a Monday through Friday reflection posted on her blog, The Daily Heidi-Gram.

Joyce Rupp

NCR Online
Look on the left-hand side and the right-hand side of the page. Father Ed Hays, Sister Joan Chittister and Sister Joyce Rupp have offered daily reflections in recent years.

Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations
If you wish to use this website, you will need to sign up by using your e-mail address. It is fairly easy to do.

Companies such as Liguori or Ave Maria Press also offer daily reflection booklets that you can purchase.

Ave Maria Press (1-800-282-1865)

Liguori (1-800-325-9521)

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